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Land SurveyorWelcome to our site. We want to provide you with information on Land Surveying in general and specifically in the City of Bryan, Texas​, and the Brazos County, Texas area. If you have any land surveying questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Land Surveying is a very important industry, and it has been around for ages. To know more about the basics of land surveying, you can click here.

Local Land Surveyors are professionals who measure and make precise measurements to determine the size and boundaries of a piece of real estate.  While this is a simplistic definition, this is one of the most common types of surveying related to home and land owners.

What to expect from Bryan Land Surveying

land surveyorIf you need assistance with any land surveying services, our surveyors have the proper experience and credentials. We strive to give good customer service as well.

We offer different land surveying services, such as alta surveys, boundary surveying, subdivision design and layout, topographic surveying, construction surveying and layout, and pipeline surveying services.

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